About Me

Trees are my favorite thing in nature. Then, there is the sky, of course, also running mountain streams and always, the moon. I take much comfort from the natural world. I grew up in a household with nine people and not a lot of private space, but I could always find the quiet time I sought by walking in the woods, or going into our one bathroom late at night and sticking my head out the window in the freezing cold to stare at the moon when she was full. I breathed in the comfort of that night air, and was filled with mystery and a sense that however small my life might seem, I was also a significant part of the universe.

I’m not sure where this blog will ultimately lead me and my readers, but for now, it is a platform for all meandering thoughts, less-meandering convictions, and the things I care about – from art, to family, to all aspects of Vermont life, to holistic living, to nature and all friends feline and human


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